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Become an exclusive artists with our gallery. With a panel of art director, advisory, curators and dealers across the world, Lotus team collectively working on elaborate and promote the talents. Lotus goals is to excel the influence of the artist up to the international level within the art scene.


With our in house team of art director, curators, lighting specialist and art handling team, Lotus provides a space for curated exhibitions. Our 800m2 space can be break down into smaller “room" in order to personalise and tailor to the requirement of the artwork(s) or artist(s).


Lotus offers artist the time, resources, and space necessary to cultivate and disciplines their art in unfamiliar surroundings. With 1 locations currently opening and multiple are under construction, Lotus are welcoming artists from all around the world to come together to explore, work, and exhibit collectively or individually their artwork and ideas. All medium and ideas are welcome, there are no limits or boundaries within our artistic environment.

Lotus Gallery - Fine art - Phòng trưng bày nghệ thuật