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Born in 1937 in Hanoi (North Vietnam)
Graduated from Ha Noi Fine Arts College (In-Service Training)
Hao: "After graduating at the top of my class from the Fine Art College of Ha Noi 1973-1978, I was sent to a remote mountain to develop the color scheme of the uniforms for traditional theatre group. For 9 years I could not sell a single painting because my style was not convincing enough for the local.
In 1990 I was allowed to return to Ha Noi. Twelve years since graduation I was able to host my first exhibition.
Because I was not a member of the Fine Art Association of Vietnam I did not have the privileges nor money to buy painting papers. Therefore I found a new way to express my feeling: I went to the market to collect old newspapers. Each page from the newspaper gave me the inspiration to create. Overtimes the special paper, together with various images, re-energized my creative power. I painted my thoughts, the lives in rural villages around me and my perspective of the world. It was very difficult to deliver my work to Vietnamese collectors. Some even laughed at me: “10 Hao is only 1 dong (dong is the smallest Vietnamese currency)”I did not want to give up, spent nights and days on my work because I know that in my desperate situation, to stop drawing, to stop working would eventually lead to the demise of my body and my soul. It is fair to say that the times I spent on my work strengthen my steps in life.
I believed that sooner or later people would understand me, love my work ...”
Hao is an artist who has never lost the courage to take control of his fate, and who was always the master of his creative power.
In 1998 Hao made it into the list of the Leading Artist during the Reform period.
For the last 18 years Lotus Gallery always display Hao"s work in Paris, Belgium, Singapore and Italy... And the resulting success has helped to reassure Hao to believe in his core values.
Solo Exhibition :
1993 – 2003 : Lotus Gallery
2014 : Exhibition at Gallery Théâtre Rutebeuf, Clichy - la - Garenne in Paris
Group Exhibition :
2014 : Exhibition in Paris, Tours - France
2013 : Exhibition in Perth, Mandurah , Fremantle - Australia
2012 : Exhibition in Florence, Venice - Italy.
2012 : Exhibition in Seoul - Korea
2012 : Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore.
2011: Exhibition in Florence - Italy, Paris - France, Hong Kong.
2010 : Exhibition in Paris.
2009 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France.
2008 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France
Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore.
2007 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France
Exhibition at Dragonfly Design Decor in Washington DC and Towson University in Maryland, USA.
Exhibition at Gallery Brigitte in Virginia, USA.
Exhibition at Drama Centre National Library and Alliance Francaise in Singapore
His works were chosen and collected by private collections in VietNam, USA, Canada, France, Swiss, Malaysia, South of Korea, Japan, Italy, Poland, Spain, Belgium.
Award: Bronze Medal of National Fine Arts Exhibition – 1990.

Title    DH0834
Width    32 cm
Height   24 cm
Material   Paper paintings
Weight    kg
Date completed 
Date added   02 Oct 2016
Theme color   
Painting ID   DH0834
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