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O u r A r t i s t s

- Born on November 15th,1981 in Hanoi
- Living and working in Hanoi
- Member of Vietnamese young painters club


- 2017: "Smoving" exhibition in 16 Ngo Quynh, Hanoi
           "SMS" exhibition in 26 Hang Bai, Hanoi
           " Capital" exhibition in 2 Hoa Lu, Hanoi
- 2016: "Intersection" exhibition in Vietnam Art Museum
           " Flow" exhibition in 29 Hang Bai, Hanoi
- 2015: "Black" group exhibition in Taiwan
           " Cultural exchange" exhibition of Vietnam Lacquer in Korea
- 2014: Group exhibition for the art project " Star on the mountain" at Dolphin, Tran Binh, Hanoi
- 2013: "Made in Hanoi" group exhibition at Mai Gallery, 12 Quan Su, Hanoi
- 2012: "1,2,3" echibition at Mai gallery, 12 Quan Su, Hanoi
- 2011: National "youth festival" exhibition
- 2010: "1000 years of Thang ong - Hanoi" exhibition
           National " Van Ho - Hanoi"exhibition 
- 2009: "Paintings for Revolution" exhibition

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