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Born in 1936 in Nam Dinh.

Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1979.

Specialize in lacquer ware painting and painting on paper “do"”

Collectors often refer to painter Bui Ngoc Tu"s as "the Painter of the Pastoral Symphony." Born in 1936, graduated from the Hanoi Institute of Fine Arts in 1979, Bui Ngoc Tu specializes in lacquer and paper Dó painting.

His drawings are illuminated with movement, they seem fluid and they are truly mesmerizing. In a single piece, Bui Ngoc can express both realism and abstraction, which always surprise his admirers and make his style so inimitable. Bui Ngoc Tu took lacquer painting out of its decorative nature, as shown for example in "YOUNG GIRL AND LOTUS", "A VILLAGE DANCE" or "THE RETURN FROM THE MARKET”. His lacquers are an invitation to a fresh, lively and hectic world. In a painting, Bui Ngoc Tu would add a half-circle like a half moon (symbolising the age of sixteen) on the face of a nude girl, bathing in stylized narcissus flowers floating on the water, like an ode to youth. The unleashed imagination of the artist creates bold combinations, like for example a sleek and stylish picture of a village portico, next to a celebration oriflamme, flowers, fish, rippling water of a river nearby, in harmony with the soft and sensual movements of a young village dancer, like a tribute to pastoral beauty.

Group Exhibition 

2014 : Ehxibition in Paris

2013 : Exhibition in Perth, Mandurah, Fremantle - Australia

2012 : Exhibition in Florence, Venice - Italy.

2012 : Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

2012 : Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore

2011 : Exhibition in Florence - Italy.

2010 : Exhibition at Exchange Square in Hong Kong.

2008 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France

Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore

2007 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France

Exhibition at Dragonfly Design Decor in Washington DC, USA

Exhibition at Towson University in Maryland, USA

Exhibition at Gallery Brigitte in Virginia, USA

Exhibition at Drama Centre National Library in Singapore

Exhibition at Tours in France

His works were chosen and collected in private collection in France, England, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Italy, USA, and Vietnam.

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