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I have read one noticeable news on facebook of an artistic researcher and a prestigious artist as well, Trinh Lu. Trinh Lu has paid this not well-known painter a compliment for his special way of displaying the colours in the paintings. Khanh is the name of this painter. Khanh said he has choosen many kinds of earth with different colours around his village, and then he started applying this natural colour of earth to his paintings.

I found it very interesting, so I determined to pay him a visit, his place is 200 km away from Saigon. Khanh said: " After choosing the earth, I have to pay a lot of my effort into refining these kinds of earth in order to have a silky smooth and glossy substance absorbing into acrylic. Combining with other oil colours, I have created the artworks I love so much."

Khanh is still finding constantly other kinds of earth so as to express his demanding need of colouring his paintings.

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