Buying and Payment

Please contact our hotline: +84346986368, email: or fanpage Lotus Gallery and let us know in advance which one you are interested in in case you want to view it in person at our gallery.

Please refer to the following Lotus term of sales:

  1. The exchange rate is decided on the buying date.
  1. Listed prices are before VAT and do not include transportation insurance (out of Ho Chi Minh City). The prices already include basic frame, delivery and installation within Ho Chi Minh City premise.
  1. Payment process:

- 50% deposit on the artwork’s full value is required.

- The other 50% must be done right after the artwork is successfully delivered or   installed at customer’s house (within 10 days since the deposit or right after the end of an exhibition).

      4. Attention:

         - If customer no longer wants to acquire the artwork (not due to the artwork’s condition):

  • 3 days since the deposit: Lotus will refund in full.
  • 4-10 days since the deposit: Lotus will refund 50% of the deposit.
  • 11 days since the deposit and afterwards: No refund

- 10 days since the deposit:

  • If the customer is not ready to receive the artwork, another 30% of the full payment required. The remainder, 20%, will be paid after the artwork is delivered, but not exceeding 30 days from the date of deposit.
  • If the customer is not ready to take the artwork and 30% of the full payment is not made, it will be considered as a loss of deposit.
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