Seasonal transition

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Date: 10.20.2023 - 11.20.2023

What really signal a shift in seasonal transition? Is it only the change of nature?

Compared to four seasonal regions, Saigon has always been known as a city of ‘tropical-two-seasons’ place. It seems to be a significant disadvantage at first, but Saigon or any place with similar climate trait has successfully endeavored to make adjustments in themselves every single day.

Just after a shower of rain or a rain throughout the day and night, plants return to its best fresh status ever. A transition just happens, doesn’t it?

When seasons unfold from summer to fall, transitional moments could be found in various nuances such as leaves changing color, days getting colder, forests turning yellow, or rivers rising water in Mekong Delta.

To some well-hidden transitions, their existence will not be revealed in an instant, instead they require viewers to put more efforts in order to delve deeper into its mannerism. As to a certain extent, subtle interplay between humans’ sensory and panoramic landscape is always there.

‘Seasonal transition’ - a display at Lotus Gallery from 20/10/2023 to the end of 20/11/2023.

Hope to see you there, in between seasons!


Pictures of the exhibition

Lotus Gallery - Fine art - Phòng trưng bày nghệ thuật