In contrast

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Date: 11.24.2023 - 12.31.2023

In contrast

It is inevitable that pairs of opposition can exist alongside each other even in the same unit such as contrast between visibility and invisibility, reality and unreality, light and darkness.

There is a myriad forms of contradiction. However, they are not aimed to neither go against each other nor draw explicit boundary between them. As the twilight zone between rigidity and softness, the finite and infinite is always there.

Contradiction’s function is to enrich differences rather than negate and eliminate each other.

In this display, the opposition lies in the material and visual effect. Contrast comes into sight between the light appearance of watercolor and the multi-layered texture of oil, realism and abstraction, the feeling of calm and contemplation.

Watercolor is intrinsically known with its fluidity and purity. It has the ability to turn a discolored wooden house into an ideal shelter, turning a vendor on a down-at-heel sidewalk into a peaceful place. And also with watercolor, with the same seemingly light strikes but bring along extravagant power and whirlwinds of intense emotion like the calm before the storm. In there, the appealing inner self is found under the meticulous layers of disguise.

Let's observe to see, to extend the limit of imagination, hands and eyes; to open up a world full of illusion, absurdities, prosperity and miseries. That is the world of contradiction!

Pictures of the exhibition

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