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O u r A r t i s t s
Born in 1985 in Quang Binh.
Graduated from Hue Fine Arts College in 2007.

Group exhibition:
2007: Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France
         Exhibition at Towson University in Maryland, USA
         Exhibition at Gallery Brigitte in Virginia, USA
         Exhibition at Drama Centre National Library in Singapore
         Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore
         Exhibition in Tours, France
2008: Exhibition in Paris
2010: Exhibition in Hong Kong
2011: Exhibition in Italia
2013: Exhibition in Paris, Singapore
2014: Exhibition in Luneville, Paris
2016: Exhibition in Montreal, Canada
2018: Exhibition in Tours, France

His works were chosen and collected in France, England, Singapore, Canada, Italy, USA, Indonesia and Vietnam
Title    AC40
Width    110 cm
Height   86 cm
Material   Oil paintings
Weight    kg
Date completed 
Date added   20 Jan 2017
Theme color   
Painting ID   AC40
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