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O u r A r t i s t s


Born in 1982 in Quang Binh

Graduated from Hue Fine Arts University in 2006

Group exhibiiton :

2014: Exhibition in Paris, Singapore.2013: Exhibition in Perth, Fremantle, Mandurah - Australia.

2012: Exhibition in Florence, Venice - Italy.              

          Exhibition in Malaysia

2011: Exhibition in Florence - Italy, Paris - France.

2010: Exhibition in Paris.

2009: Exhibition in Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France.

2008: March, Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore

His works were chosen and collected in privatecollection in France, England, Singapore, Canada, Italy, USA,  and Vietnam

Dung often creates in a definite subject, for example : human fate in the face of nature, buffalo fate and he is now creating a subject that I order him to paint lotus and life.
According to many prestigious painters in Hanoi, Dung has the special painting style, the original way in choosing color and he doesn’t hesitate to choose dark colors to express his thinking. Those are different from others Vietnamese painter who have used to bright and brilliant colors. Thing that makes us be interested in Dung’s paintings is the bright color dotting in a whole painting. For example : the red and green strings to tie buffalos, the green grassplots…
In 2008, Dung tried to paint in abstract style and then send to me 10 images of paintings about universe. I took a look at his 10 painting collection. This is not my favorite subject, but I want to encourage him to develop his painting style following to the way he used to. As a result, I wasn’t wrong. Buying his paintings make him more confident and the result of this creating process is the beautiful buffalo collections.

Title    DG163
Width    100 cm
Height   100 cm
Material   Oil paintings
Weight    kg
Date completed 
Date added   10 Mar 2017
Theme color   
Painting ID   DG163
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