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Born in 1968 in Hoa Binh
Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1992
He expresses freely his emotions with lacquer painting and also draws inspiration from daily life scenes. In the early 1930s, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese lacquerware were used for ornamentation. But with the opening of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts d"Indochine (Fine Art School of Indochina), lacquer painting went beyond the decorative purpose and explored in other ways.
Nguyen Thanh Hai has inherited the experiences of his previous masters, but also the enriched colors. He discovered that the sanding and polishing could multiply the nuances, and that merging them into other gave a sense of depth to the piece. The shivering rows of bamboo in the wind, an intimate family gathering, a peaceful lotus pond, a quiet corner in the garden… all these scenes become alive, vibrant with emotions. They are the results of a long and patient work from the artist. The delicate application of gold and silver leaves shapes bamboo leaves, or the layout of hair under a tiny oil lamp in the dark. This technique makes the scenes even more lively and touching.
Group Exhibition :
2014 : Exhibition in Paris, Tours - France
Exhibition in Alliance Française - Singapore
Exhibition in Busan Museum of Art - Korea
2013 : Exhibition in Perth, Fremantle, Mandurah - Australia
012 : Exhibition in Singapore
2010 : Exhibition at Exchange Square in Hong Kong.
2009 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France
Exhibition in Singapore.
2008 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France
Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore
Exhibition at Paris in France
2007 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France
Exhibition at Dragonfly Design Decor in Washington DC, USA
Exhibition at Towson University in Maryland, USA
Exhibition at Gallery Brigitte in Virginia, USA
Exhibition at Drama Centre National Library in Singapore2
His works were chosen and collected in private collection in France, England, Singapore, Italy, USA, Canada, Thailand, Swiss, China and Vietnam

Title    NH90
Width    80 cm
Height   120 cm
Material   Lacquer-wares
Weight    kg
Date completed 
Date added   12 Mar 2017
Theme color   
Painting ID   NH90
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