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Born in 1937 in Hanoi

Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1961. He was a student of Nguyen Gia Tri - the master of Vietnamese Paintings in 19th century.

When asked about his source of inspiration , Do Xuan Doan confesses that it comes from his heart and his soul. At over 70 years old, this septuagenarian continues to paint with the zeal and fervor of his younger contemporaries, and creates exquisite pieces of art, dedicated to the beauty and the quintessence of life and emotional states. Xuan Doan once said, “Painting is my greatest passion and my motto is to live by the brush and to die by the brush.

Xuan Doan is inspired by all thing in nature, especially daily life with ancient houses, old streets and common people. The use of vibrant colors and both brushstrokes make each of Xuan Doan’s canvases come alive with a shimmering life of its own. The paintings are like broken pieces of a very large mirror, every shard reflecting a slice of life drawn from everyday mundane chores.

Group Exhibition :

2014 :Exhibition in Paris, Tour - France
         Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore.
2013:Exhibition in Perth, Fremantle, Mandurah - Australia.

2012 : Exhibition in Florence, Venice - Italy.

2012 : Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

2012 : Exhibition in Seoul - Korea.

2011 : Exhibition in Florence, Paris.

2010 : Exhibition in Exchange Square in Hong Kong.

2008 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France

Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore.

2007 : Exhibition at Salon d"Automne International in Luneville, France

Exhibition at Dragonfly Design Decor in Washington DC, USA

Exhibition at Towson University in Maryland, USA

Exhibition at Gallery Brigitte in Virginia, USA

Exhibition at Drama Centre National Library in Singapore

Exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Singapore.

His works were chosen and collected in Vietnam Arts Museum,Vietnam, France, Italy, Swiss , Germany, Japan, Singapore and England, Canada and Vietnam

Title    XD164
Width    135 cm
Height   135 cm
Material   Oil paintings
Weight    kg
Date completed 
Date added   11 Jul 2018
Theme color   
Painting ID   XD164
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